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Mission critical back office applications

Basic form based data entry
Running, book style data entry
Data entry from paper and images
Data entry from recorded sound
Data entry from other digital sources such as pdf documents
Data processing based on inputs from a variety of sources such as databases, web pages et cetera
Data processing of different types of data such as photographs, databases and manual inputs
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Established 1995

Clients include United Nations
Worked on over 100 Projects
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“We use the world’s best Data Capture software. We have seen and dismissed the rest.”

The software is part of a full fledged imaging system. The software is used for two distinct purposes:

  • Accurate data acquisition
  • Work flow management and generation of appropriate reports
  • On line work status

Software works from images, electronic files and paper.

The main features of the software are:

  • It is easily configurable for different jobs.
  • It has full fledged reports and monitoring screens. The quantity and quality of each operators work is summarized and presented to the management in form of reports.
  • All types of controls can be placed in the software which ensures that any specified field always matches the exact rules specified for that field.
  • An excellent audit (Quality) system in which a specified percentage of work of each operator and each job can be pulled out automatically for audit and reports generated after the process is complete.
  • Completely integrated with the UK PAF system and the US Postal ZIP system.









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