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Mission critical back office applications

Basic form based data entry
Running, book style data entry
Data entry from paper and images
Data entry from recorded sound
Data entry from other digital sources such as pdf documents
Data processing based on inputs from a variety of sources such as databases, web pages et cetera
Data processing of different types of data such as photographs, databases and manual inputs
How to Proceed
  Send us your simple one-page requirement and we will give you a rough estimate. This can be followed by a more detailed requirements document at which stage we will give you a more accurate estimate.  
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Noida, UP 201 301, India

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Established 1995

Clients include United Nations
Worked on over 100 Projects
24x7 Service
99.995 % accuracy guaranteed
On time guaranteed
Quality Assurance

“Quality is a way of life; it comes not from enforcing ideas but from continuous improvement”

What we have learnt from experience is that we must:

  • Hire the best and Train them well
  • Lay great importance to Handing-Over the “Project Knowledge” to the operators
  • Have the best Systems to produce and monitor the production, and
  • Execute well established procedures which are monitored regularly

Quality is assured by using all the following procedures:

  • Software checks, e.g., check digits, Look Up Tables, Range Checks, spell checks & mathematical formulae
  • To ensure best accuracy in addresses, StarData uses US's Zip code table and UK's Postal Address File-(PAF)
  • Operator improvement by feedback
  • Constant retraining via memos & verbal instruction
  • Supervisors available constantly for asking questions
  • Consistently poor performing operators are identified and assigned to other tasks
  • All operators who are working on the second level keying must be with the company for a certain period of time, consistently provide very high accuracy and should have been certified by the overall quality supervisor and the location head before they can be assigned this type of work









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