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Mission critical back office applications

Basic form based data entry
Running, book style data entry
Data entry from paper and images
Data entry from recorded sound
Data entry from other digital sources such as pdf documents
Data processing based on inputs from a variety of sources such as databases, web pages et cetera
Data processing of different types of data such as photographs, databases and manual inputs
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Established 1995

Clients include United Nations
Worked on over 100 Projects
24x7 Service
99.995 % accuracy guaranteed
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“Stardata is the largest data acquisition company in New Delhi, India with lots and lots of people and equipment”

Stardata has the following products:


Data Conversion

The input data can be presented to Stardata in a variety of formats such as:

• Paper
• Images
• Sound Files (.wav files)
• PDF Files
• Other digital files

The output can be made available in the following formats:

• Record based in simple text files
• Excel output
• MDB output
• XML output
• SGML output
• Any other RDBMS output

Digital incoming input-media can be uploaded to our FTP sites. Physical incoming input-media can be air-shipped, or couriered.

Output data is usually sent by email or FTP’ed back to the client site. Some of our clients require us to use encryption when sending data back. Output data and Backups (CD’s and Printouts) can also be couriered back to you if required.

Multiple Natural Language Entry

Stardata has the ability to process text in multiple natural languages. We can do entry based on character look rather than understanding the meaning of the word.
We did entry of over 1 million records for the United Nations where we processed the electoral roles of people in Kosovo. This involved doing entry in Albanian language.

We have done several other projects where non-English languages were used for entry.

Electronic Books

Stardata has the extraordinary ability to take physical books in any language and convert them into Electronic Books which can be viewed on the internet with the same look and feel as the original book. All the page structures and images are preserved.
The output format can either be HTML or PDF.

An example of a book written in “HINDI” and changed to the electronic format (HTML) can be viewed by clicking here.

An example of a book written for Smile Train and changed to the electronic format (PDF) can be viewed by clicking here.

In both these cases one or more of the following technologies was used:

• Scanning for images
• Scanning for OCR
• Entry in Non-English languages
• Creation of HTML and PDF pages.

Identity Card Processing

Stardata has been involved in preparation of over half a million Election Identification Cards for the Indian Electorate in conjunction with our sister organization Mindmill Software Limited.
We have the expertise to do large volume, where people are standing in lines, on line data entry, card printing, hologram affixing, laminating and delivery within the specified time limits. Click
here to see an example of a card so produced.

Library Books Entry

Stardata has the ability to enter the book information in various library management software. This includes entry in the world famous “MindLibrary” software. We have entered over 100,000 books so far.












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